Bács-Tak Ltd

Company overview

The fodder mixing company called Bács-Tak Takarmánygyártó és Forgalmazó Kft. was founded on October 1st, 1992 in Mélykút, in the southern part of Hungary.

In the first two years, the fodder mixing plant in Mélykút, the foundation and headquarters of today’s company, had been leased from a major company of the public sector and was then purchased by the owners in the first half of 1994. With animal breeding being included into its scope of activities in 1995, the public limited company is now mainly engaged in breeding young ducks and geese.

The owner structure of the company received its current shape in May 2007, when an industry-wide renowned German company joined the already involved two private persons, resulting in a considerable capital increase for the company. With an experience background of over 25 years in both the feedingstuffs industry and animal breeding, István Kiss is respobsible for the operative management, whereas the efforts of Zoltán Balogh are a huge contribution to the success of the branch involved in breeding. 

Staff increase and company growth have just gone hand in hand with the number of our employees growing from initially 20 workers to 191 by today. The positions in the upper management are nowdays held by college or university graduates without exception, but their number is dynamically growing in strategic parts of the middle management level as well.

The animal breeding branch of our company has achieved a dynamic development since 1995. High quality end products and production offering traceability at every stage are ensured by using pure-bred and registered parent stock birds of young ducks and geese. The end products are partly produced at own facilities, partly at the establishments of contractually bound external breeders.