about open-air farming
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    R01010162.JPGTraditional poultry keeping is associated with longtime traditions in Hungary. By keeping to strict regulations, free range husbandry has again become a widespread type of farming. Yet, the term itself should not mislead anyone to thinking of a brandnew husbandry concept, for it is nothing else than traditional poultry feeding realised under the framework of strict regulations.

Free range farming is basically a two-phase rearing concept where birds are initially kept indoors during the breeding phase and are then granted total freedom in the subsequent period, usually in a green area. Yet, free range farming, which is an optimal combination of traditional poultry keeping and modern rearing technologies, will only ensure the desired end product if strict and high quality standards apply to animal nutrition.


Free range farming and nutritional concepts offer a lot of possibilities to holdings of commercial size not working under industrial conditions because they represent an altervative form of traditional domestic holdings. Free range husbandry enables us to use and to maintain the existing traditions of domestic holdings. Rather low investment needs could significantly increase the popularity of free range farming in Hungary, yet good farming conditions and types of farming custom tailored to the specific needs of the animals as well as overall compliance with the veterinary and disease control provisions are crucial requirements.