Integrated Management Policy
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The management of the Kiskunhalas poultry processing Ltd. has established HACCP systems in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001,  IFS and BRC as well as the provisions of Codex Alimentarius in order to give the experiences, the company has gained in poultry procession and sale through long-time traditions of centuries, a well-organized operational frame, which stands for high quality standards and environmental safety and is not only an everyday instrument understandable to each employee, but also the highest criterion of the internal management.

In order to achieve this, we have committed ourselves to:

Create the technical, technological, environmental and human conditions of production with due care in order to produce safe and legally conform goods of appropriate quality.

Observe and develop our management system, activity and products continously. With this in mind, we constantly develop and update our processes, technology, equipements and packigings in order to meet both the present and the future high standard requirements of our customers.

The adherence to the respective provisions of environmental protection and other regulations as well as the provisions of different authorities is a priority matter for us.

We have committed ourselves to create a clean and well-organized working environment, to protect environmental values, to reduce the emission of pollutants and to prevent environmental pollution.

By organizing general and advanced trainings on a regular basis we make sure that the knowledge of our employees concerning food hygienic and general hygienic as well as environmental protection aspects of production are always up-to-date.

In order to generate mutual trust and establish an efficient cooperation, we maintain a sincere and open information policy towards the inhabitants living close to our plant, the public and the state supervisory organizations.

We make every effort in order to establish and mainatain fair and professional business relations with our partners, which are based on mutual satisfaction.

Our suppliers and subcontractors we plan to establish long term relationships with are expected to supply high quality products or render high standard services.

For the sake of food safety, well-proven HACCP systems and reliable production and hygienic practices are used in all segments of production.

We give our employees the opportunity to participate in  the constant development of our company and evaluate their satisfaction from time to time.

Quality management represents a prime duty and responsibility for the company management and the entire staff. Therefore, each of our employees is responsible for the quality and the continious improvement of his or her work and carries out his or her duties in a way that contributes to the satisfaction of our business partners. The competence of our experts, the strong commitment of the management at every level and the legally conform and ethical way the company is operated all guarantee the appropriate execution of this policy.